Corporate Special Forces


Corporate Special Forces

What’s this about?

“Corporate Special Forces” (CSF) is a five-step process for making an organization vastly more effective in resolving corporate crises, achieving vital objectives, and creating breakthrough innovations at an exceptional level of speed, quality, and cost effectiveness.

The book, “Corporate Special Forces”, describes in specific detail exactly how to sponsor small teams of super-achievers as a permanent high-performance mini-culture that consistently achieves pivotal results that are completely beyond the reach of traditional methods.


CSF is a user-friendly, step-by-step template for locating the brightest and most highly motivated people from multiple disciplines throughout the organization, forming them into elite teams, training them experientially in advanced innovative and entrepreneurial skills, and then empowering them to achieve pivotal objectives that are crucial to corporate adaptability and competitive superiority.

Why “Special Forces?”

CSF is a business adaptation of Military Special Forces, police SWAT teams, and civilian emergency response units. Military Special Forces are, man for man, the most feared and most effective fighting soldiers in the world. Police SWAT teams routinely achieve high-risk tasks that are beyond the capabilities of conventional police officers. Civilian emergency medical response teams are, in terms of critical care in on-site crises, the most adaptive and efficient rescuers in the entire health care industry.
The CSF adaptation brings a half century of crisis-intervention expertise from the military and civilian application to the competitive needs of business, the creation of a high-performance mini-culture within the traditional corporate culture, and the innovation of leading-edge products, services, and methods.

Who will benefit from reading this book?

Leaders, trainers, and mentors

Leaders will discover a rapidly implementable methodology for creating a mini-culture of super-achievers who can make their organizations more adaptive, preemptive, innovative, efficient, and competitive without spending a fortune to do it and/or waiting for years to experience the benefits.

Trainers will see a working model in how to utilize experiential training methods and entrepreneurial empowerment of student/teams in order to:

  • Transform academic knowledge into advanced hands-on tactical skills as an integral component of the training event.
  • Transform a collection of diverse individuals with typical self-interests into a cohesive team that is intensely committed to extreme achievement of vital corporate objectives.

Mentors who recognize that certain individuals in the workforce have vast untapped potential will be exposed to a vehicle that will unleash that potential and direct it into exceptional achievement and unprecedented job fulfillment.

How is it presented?

CSF is written as a how-to handbook, in informal business terminology, and in a novel format. It documents the journey of a communications company as they transition from a crisis of obsolescing technology and cutthroat competitors through the process of implementing the CSF methodology and then emerging with technological superiority in their markets and an ongoing mini-culture of innovation and high performance.


“Frank, working with a team of executives of a Fortune 100 corporation, facilitated the strategic plans that led to the formation of a 4-billion dollar corporation.”

Scott Carpenter, Client Engagement Director

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