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Frank On Change

Change as a Catalyst for Breakthrough Innovation


Change has become commonplace for companies competing in the world market. Management has developed a high level of expertise and efficiency in managing periodic change.

It is inevitable, however, that sooner or later cataclysmic change, with the potential to be fatal, will threaten the organization’s products, services, and/or systemic methods.

The methods and skills for adapting to cataclysmic change quickly, efficiently, and profitably are dramatically more complex than the traditional methods and skills that are employed for managing day-to-day change.

Typically, management has its hands full keeping the organization on track when it is being threatened to the core by cataclysmic change. The time to think innovatively, develop action plans to deal with the change, implement new systems, and modify old ones is often a luxury not available when survival is taking precedence. It is somewhat difficult to build an underground shelter in the midst of a tornado.

One option is to continue dealing with periodic change as usual. But tornado-like change can be much more speedily and efficiently handled by elite teams with special training, advanced crisis-intervention tools, and the appropriate resources.

Corporate Special Forces (CSF) teams are extensively and experientially trained in how to therapeutically repair damage that has already been done, how to apply out-of-the-box thinking to keep the organization preemptively and strategically ahead of future changes, and how to implement dramatic adaptations and innovations quickly, smoothly, and efficiently into a less-than-enthusiastic organization.



Day-to-day change usually does not threaten the organization’s survival. Cataclysmic change often does. The skills and tools needed to resolve cataclysmic change are specialized. Rapid-response is crucial. Typically the time and resources that are vital to resolving cataclysmic change with speed and efficiency are not immediately available to management in the midst of the turmoil.

A mini-culture of one or more CSF teams can be experientially trained in breakthrough innovation and change-management skills in advance. Once trained, their talents are available immediately to resolve any crisis, current or impending. Once assigned, they are dedicated exclusively to resolving that specific change event with no other task or performance distractions. With management’s endorsement, they can leverage each change event as a catalyst to create advanced innovations that will achieve a competitive advantage in the world market and prepare the organization for future changes.



“Thank you for facilitation of the Senior Management Workshop. The executives who attended are pleased with the tangible progress the company has made based on the action plans developed in this workshop.”

Richard O’Brien, Director, Training and Development

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