Corporate Special Forces



“Our critical projects have been on-track and on-time, the result of our project leaders exercising the facilitation skills developed with Transitional Leadership Institute.”

David Solomon, Vice President, Human Resources

“Frank Koehler facilitated Halliburton’s executive committee in developing the five year plan that changed the organization’s global goals, structure and culture. The plan we developed improved our performance and led to a significantly higher market valuation of our company.”

Ber Pieper, Former Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

“Thank you for facilitation of the Senior Management Workshop. The executives who attended are pleased with the tangible progress the company has made based on the action plans developed in this workshop.”

Richard O’Brien, Director, Training and Development

“His (Frank Koehler) ability to deal with the culture, influence logical change and achieve consensus within the group was outstanding. We continue to expand this approach throughout the organization.”

Ted Urbanek, President

“Frank Koehler was instrumental in preparing our California organization for deregulation and competition in the telecommunications industry. Each group he worked with experienced increased productivity and improved skills. Frank positioned the organizations he worked with to grow during a time of change”.

Garrett Bracy, Director of Training Administration

“Frank, working with a team of executives of a Fortune 100 corporation, facilitated the strategic plans that led to the formation of a 4-billion dollar corporation.”

Scott Carpenter, Client Engagement Director